Educational Event Management System

A unique and sector-specific solution to manage events and conferences. A comprehensive calendar with booking and notification features.


About the Client

The client is a multinational association that comprises large educational agencies. It operates in 45 countries and has 550+ representatives worldwide. The annual budget that the client can generate approaches $15 bln.

Technologies Used


The client wanted to create a convenient tool for tracking relevant educational conferences and events. Throughout the academic year, many organizations hold a lot of them, and manual tracking takes a lot of time and effort. Another request was to provide an embedded booking system: hotel for visitors, conference rooms, promo materials, and other arrangements. It should have comprised notifications for conference attendees for effective management.

Work Description

As our first step, we gathered and analyzed the customer’s requirements. Then we set the development stages, selected a suitable tech stack, and designed functional specifications based on the given information. The main feature was to let the system integrate into 3rd party solutions for conference booking and tracking

Then we proceeded to the development phase that was articulated in Java as the primary technology along with JavaScript with its Angular for frontend. Successful QA and deployment followed it in Production.

Work Stages

  1. Acquire business requirements
  2. Define the technology stack
  3. Design functional specifications
  4. Create high-level product architecture
  5. Develop back- and front-end
  6. Assure high product quality
  7. Deploy in the production environment


As a result, the delivered solution could reduce the time cost of event management by 40%. The cooperation went smoothly and efficiently, so we developed one more product for that client further on.


Case Studies


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