Delivery Operations Platform

A system to make the delivery service fluent while providing full control over all its constituents.


About the Client

The client is a sizeable retailing chain in Russia that provides food items, household goods, and home care products. The client operates in 10 cities with 35 + stores.

Technologies Used


The main requirement was to build a delivery management system that covered the process from the purchase order to door delivery. The client wanted to streamline delivery operations, reduce transport costs, and gain better control over delivery personnel. Also, the system needed integration into the existing website, ERP, and WMS, so it was able to improve the whole level of service.

Work Description

Geomotiv team managed all the development stages. We’ve created a system that can:

  • Receive delivery orders city dependent
  • Track the order processing pipeline
  • Display the delivery status
  • Settle scheduling
  • Show pick up and drop off locations for delivery personnel
  • Make a map and get directions to the client. 

The delivery personnel can change the order status and provide additional information through the mobile app. Managers can generate reports and collect statistics about the number of deliveries sorted by time period, average delivery time, the number of cars in use, and others. 

Our team also developed an order progress page and a live delivery map for the website to make the delivery process more transparent to the end client giving the user the ability to contact the delivery driver and track the delivery status online.

Work Stages

  1. Business requirements gathering
  2. Web development
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Deployment
  5. Support and maintenance


The client has received better traceability of all their delivery operations in real-time, has improved control over directions and fleet utilization, and delivery KPI tracking thanks to our delivery system. It has reduced the communication time between different company departments by 3 times.


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