24/7 Telemedicine Solution for Doctors and Patients

A web-based cross-platform mobile app that allowed to assist/provide support for patients anytime and anywhere.


About the Client

Our client is a healthcare organization that owns a network of medical centers and delivers a novel B2C solution for remote 24/7 communication between patients and doctors.

Technologies Used


The client needed to create a system that could facilitate remote communication between patients and doctors in real-time. The app had to enable its users to manage various health data wherever they are, and from any device, they’ve entered – web application, a tablet, or a mobile device. It was necessary to provide a flexible system of maintaining communication with patients to allow various users types to be up to date with the latest updates on their health, conduct consultations. It also should have to keep a timely record of prescribed medication, send notifications about online visits, and much more. We had to foresee user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation to simplify the experience for ordinary users.

For the organization, this solution offered an entirely new way of communication with patients, maintaining and monitoring their health status. The client aimed at preserving the existing customer base, providing it with complete satisfaction and prompt delivery of services, as well as attracting new customers (=patients).

Work Description

First, Geomotiv delivered a web-based solution coupled with a mobile application designed to arrange virtual communication between patients and doctors. The platform supported health data entries and ensured their protection against compromised transmission. It allowed for multiple user roles:

  • Doctors could hold video consultations, receive and process data about patients, enter records in EHR, and manage other medical workflows.
  • Patients could fill in concerning symptoms into the system or via one-to-one consultations, follow medication reminders, check lab results, and prescriptions.  
  • Admin could manage a wide range of responsibilities according to their internal procedures.

Following this, we ensured that all the collected data was automatically securely transferred to the database.

In the next stage, web and mobile platforms were seamlessly integrated into the existing EHR and CRM systems. We also ensured continuous integration into various third-party services, including live video streaming, online payment, online appointment scheduling, appointment notification system, and others. Our team tested each integration against several scenarios to ensure proper system protection from unauthorized interference.

Finally, we added a health education section into the app. It aimed to provide educational materials and articles about nutrition, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. The section also stored short courses and seminars on various relevant topics held by leading practitioners.

Work Stages

  1. Business Analysis Stage
  2. Web development
  3. Mobile App Development for iOS and Android
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Deployment
  6. Support and maintenance


Geomotiv successfully delivered a web-based cross-platform mobile app that fully responded to the client’s requirements. The developed solution has facilitated communication between patients and doctors through the introduction of a system of virtual visits. After its launch, the solution lets the client improve customer satisfaction, increases patient outreach by 30%, and reduces paperwork by 80%.

Since the system allowed patient self-scheduling, this has helped free up resources, eventually reducing the client’s costs. The solution has also contributed to the reduction of no-shows and cancellations.


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