Top eСommerce Companies in the USA in 2021-2022


Olga Demidenko , Author at Geomotiv
Published: Jun 7, 2021

With a high demand for a consistent online presence, more and more businesses are entering this competitive field. Brands are trying to win more customers with relevant, value-added content and powerful shopping experiences to differentiate and get a larger market share. However, technical barriers await those willing to take the market by storm.

Businesses are constantly looking to find custom eCommerce development companies that overcome those barriers but might find it troublesome to hire a perfect match. To simplify this brunt and find the right partner, we’ve researched and analyzed top-notch eCommerce development companies in the USA. Here are our top picks.


Founded in 2010, Geomotiv has gone far ahead of its competitors with its digital solutions for startups, proven brands, and giant corporations worldwide. Their developers create exclusive and reliable eCommerce websites, seamless payment gateway and ERP integrations, custom eCommerce apps, and other products. Embracing Magento-based and custom software development services, they can build a solution that aligns with the unique goals of their customers. 

As a reliable eCommerce development company, Geomotiv would rather be on a complete journey with their customers, help reach new milestones with their digital assets. With constant attention to the project lifecycle, the team is always ready to support the solution if things ever go wrong. Geomotiv is a top choice for B2B and B2C online retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, C2C companies of all sizes willing to pursue a digital transformation journey.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact Alexandria, VA 100-249 25-45$ +1 (571) 748 7688


iTechArt has matured into one of the top eCommerce companies in the USA since its inception in 2002. Having a decade-long market experience, the firm provides an extensive list of services for customers to gain a competitive edge in eCommerce. They deliver web-and mobile-based custom eCommerce solutions for startups and mature enterprises. Be it entire digital solutions from scratch or new features for an existing eCom website, iTechArt proves to be an efficient partner in realizing any business endeavor.

The company’s forte is its brilliant team of senior engineers proficient in the top eCommerce platforms and key technology enablers. So, if you are looking to expand your software development capacities or hire a team built from the ground up, iTechArt’s hand-picked eCommerce experts are at your service.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact New York, NY 1,000 - 5,000 50-99$ +1 (718) 374 5043

Forte Group

With more than 15 years of IT market experience, Forte group has become one of the top eCommerce companies in the USA and beyond. Headquartered in Chicago, with delivery locations in Ukraine and Belarus, it has expanded further by opening development centers in Argentina and Colombia. Suppose you wonder what sets the company apart from other eCommerce companies on our list. Above all, Forte Group has a sharp focus on the niche, uniting more than 500 developers with extensive industry experience.

The company’s tech stack includes cloud and Big Data technologies, back-end and front-end languages, and cutting-edge automation tools. The company has executed more than 300+ successful projects for companies in Europe and North America. Their dedicated teams supercharge the world’s most innovative brands, mid-market businesses, and eCom integrators with custom digital products and services.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact Chicago, IL 201-500 25-49$ +1 (312) 757 4944


ScienceSoft is one of the largest and fastest-growing eCommerce software companies. Since its inception in 1989, it has expanded its outreach and grown an immense clientele from 37 countries worldwide. You can find the company’s offices in the USA, Northern Europe, and the Middle East enabling their clients to meet in person in preferred locations. 

The company boasts 30 years of IT market experience and has established itself as a leading service provider of bespoke eCommerce solutions. ScienceSoft’s team of dedicated experts is ready to help businesses achieve their business goals and enable the digital transformation of their brick-and-mortar stores. ScienceSoft is the best choice for technology-intensive projects, which require a comprehensive approach and industry experience.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact McKinney, TX 250 - 999 50-99$ +1(214) 306 68 37


Oxagile is an eCommerce web development company that commenced operations in 2005. Targeting retailers, wholesalers, brands, and suppliers from B2B/B2C sectors, the firm has enabled startups and large enterprise-grade companies to reach their most ambitious goals. Their primary focus is on the professional engineering of online stores, trade portals, mCommerce applications, and digital auctions. 
With Oxagile, you can take advantage of the solid domain expertise of their professional developers. This eCommerce development company unites almost 400 professionals, including engineering and quality assurance talent. So, if you want to make the most of your online business and leverage a competitive eCom solution, don’t hesitate to contact Oxagile’s team.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact New York, NY 250 - 999 25-49$ +1 (855) 466 9244


EffectiveSoft is on this list of eCommerce companies for a good reason. This US-based agency has offices in Minsk and London and boasts a worldwide presence. Its product portfolio has custom payment systems, Magento-based stores and marketplaces, online trading software, CRM, and EMS. They have succeeded in delivering web development, consulting, and third-party integration services for online businesses of various sizes.

EffectiveSoft provides professional dedicated teams consisting of senior-level software developers, architects, and designers. Their specialists follow the latest eCommerce market trends and incorporate evolving technologies in their projects. Vast experience with IoT devices, AI, and AR/VR tools enables them to create innovative solutions that deliver tangible business results.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact San Diego, CA 201-500 25-49$ [email protected]


When it comes to eCommerce web development, Iflexion is one of the best companies that can help. It was incorporated in 1999 and has grown stronger since the first project. The company provides one of the most significant development teams of senior specialists for clients from SMBs to industry leaders. Having served them for 20 years, they aim at making impeccable technical solutions that stand out from the competition. With vast expertise in eCom, platforms, and tools, the company can turn any business challenges into digital solutions that generate revenue.

This eCommerce website development company engineers feature-rich custom systems and modules for daily operations. Iflexion’s team creates an integrated development environment where every client has complete control over the process. On top of that, the company provides a set of advanced offerings, including business consulting, audit, optimization packages.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact Denver, CO 250 - 999 25-49$ [email protected]


This eСommerce web development company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and has delivery centers in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, and Australia. Founded in 2007, it has attracted businesses that require innovative eCommerce solutions in all major market domains. The company’s focus is currently on developing commercial payment gateways and providing marketing and customer support services. Their team is ready to help with implementing or upgrading the current CRM and ERP systems as well.

Andersen’s experienced and competent developers take advantage of a vast scope of front-end and back-end languages, frameworks, and cloud technologies. Further, the company delivers enterprise-grade mobile apps based on iOS, Android, and all major platforms. Their developers, designers, project managers, and other development specialists are ready to deliver your eCom project on time and within budget.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact Scottsdale, AZ 1,001-5,000 25-49$ [email protected]


Here comes yet another prominent name on our list of eCommerce companies in the USA. Ciklum is a trusted partner of many online brands worldwide and has streamlined these clients’ business processes with tailored digital solutions. This London-based company has five development centers in different parts of the world, mainly in Europe. 

Ciklum is ready to ensure the success of the fastest-growing eCommerce companies from all industry sectors by blending engineering excellence and extensive service delivery capabilities. When starting a project with such a reputed company, you can focus on the business without hassle.

Website Headquarters Employees Hourly Rate Contact New York, NY 1,001-5,000 25-49$ +1 (646) 589 0383

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve shortlisted the best eCommerce companies from almost 3,000 development teams operating in the USA, you can pick more wisely by comparing them. With the best partner, you can attract new customers, boost business growth, and scale without any effort. For that, choose from eCommerce companies that can ensure the best quality of solutions, have a considerable case history and foster transparency of the software development cycle.



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