How to Build an Extended Team with Geomotiv


Olga Demidenko , Author at Geomotiv
Published: Apr 19, 2022

It is hard to argue that business growth is one of the primary objectives of almost any entrepreneur. Global expansion into new markets is an exciting yet challenging period that requires a timely response to ongoing demands. One of the most crucial needs is searching for the right people, expert human resources, and rare tech talent.

Opting for IT staff augmentation is one of the most reasonable alternatives to access an extended team to cope with the growing volumes of workload. In addition, this decision is also a way to enhance the accumulation of the best professionals in the labor market.

However, rapid staff expansion requires some effort and preparation. Even though it can be scary to explore unknown hiring waters, it is worth a try with a trusted partner by your side. Luckily, many solutions are designed to make the process easier and more comfortable.

For example, Geomotiv uses the proven process of creating an extended software development team. As a result, we know how to bring qualified people on board and integrate them seamlessly into the client’s environment.

So, in this article, we will dispel some of the common misconceptions surrounding the staff augmentation process. We will share the details of our well-crafted extended team model, which produces the best results with minimum headaches.

Staff augmentation process

  1. Planning.
    We start by hearing out your staff augmentation needs, including a detailed project summary, in-depth job descriptions, projected team size, and the desired workflow. That enables us to understand your requirements, assess the scope of work, and propose the most optimal for the case. The more information we obtain, the faster we can match you with suitable candidates and assemble the right extended development team. We initiate the recruitment process only after clarifying all the requirements and details.
  2. Custom recruitment.
    To meet the demands, we initiate a well-structured hiring procedure. First, we do the backstage job of sourcing and attracting candidates from our base of 5000 tech specialists. This process takes from 1 to 3 weeks as we fulfill a careful selection of tech specialists to ensure they are the best fit for the project's needs. 
    We pre-screen candidates based on your requirements and conduct discovery and preliminary tech interviews. You can participate in those activities or delegate them entirely to our proficient team as a client. In addition, we can run as many interview rounds as you need to ensure that your requirements are met.
  3. Integrating new team members.
    Getting extended development teams onboard means full integration with the inner workings of your company. So, once you approve the members of your additional workforce, we sign the contract, and they get down to work along with your primary team.
    Your head office will distribute responsibilities to all team members, assign the reporting hierarchy, and establish communication rules. The goal for newly added specialists is to become part of the company and integrate into the internal structure.
    You can manage the team directly to avoid intermediaries or organize supervision in any desired form. For instance, you can delegate the initial management to our company. In this case, we provide you with a full-time or part-time project manager on our end.
  4. Team management.
    We at Geomotiv onboard programmers and ensure they get the necessary administrative, HR, accounting, and legal support. Our responsibilities are contract-regulated and discussed thoroughly with the client before signing any legal documents.
    Therefore, you as a client will have access to the right talent just as if it were your internal staff. But the difference is that the team works outside your head office, and we handle all the organizational and administrative hassles. Besides, we deal with compliance with all of the country-specific laws and regulations, including taxes and employee benefits and perks.
  5. Project delivery.
    Our staff augmentation business model ensures that all the requirements are met, and the digital solution is delivered as intended.
  6. Ongoing adjustments to your extended team.
    We can do additional hires as part of our staff augmentation model within a month’s notice. In this case, we can provide full- or part-time employees to complete specific tasks in a particular technology.

As a result, the extended teams we provide are backed by:

  • Proper infrastructure, including comfortable and secure working conditions, end-to-end support from office managers and systems administrators;
  • Client and developer support, which comes with:
    - ongoing communication with our internal HR manager;
    - analysis of the work quality;
    - regular performance reviews;
    - ongoing opinion and satisfaction surveys;
    - growth and development plans;
    - corporate events.
  • Administrative support on payroll and taxes, consultation from legal advisors and professional accountants.

If you need consultation on an extended team model, get in touch with our expert. Contact Tamuna and get instant feedback and personalized recommendations.

Contact Tamuna

Why choose the extended team model with Geomotiv?

  • Our company has a planetary reach to 5000+ of the best software experts in the database;
  • With us, you can employ and manage international tech talent anytime and anywhere around the world and increase with global expansion in easy steps;
  • We offer reasonable rates that reflect a fair price-quality ratio;
  • Geomotiv has 12+ years of accumulated IT staff augmentation experience;
  • Hundreds of our dedicated specialists are working with global clients. We know how to hire the best remote developers for projects of different scales and complexity;
  • We have vast experience with building teams that consist of over 50 members with proven success;
  • With Geomotiv, you will have minimum legal hassles. We are a US-based company and use an American bank account. We employ individuals on our infrastructure and manage the HR part, benefits, and payroll.
  • We take proper care of intellectual property and invention rights;
  • Our company ensures full compliance with GDPR and local privacy laws.

Final word

We currently live in a world where many companies are resource-constrained due to scarcity of the creative ‘gene pool’ in a local area. Luckily, with the help of an extended team model, it is easier to access a vast pool of international talent and integrate them into an in-house team without flaws.

That’s where Geomotiv can step in and source the best individuals from our extensive database. With us, you will be able to add cross-functional experts or even build an extended leadership team to facilitate decision-making for your company.



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