Understanding the Needs of Our Clients


Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky , Chief Executive Officer, Geomotiv
Published: Mar 29, 2017

Today many companies neglect the prospect of working with a remote team. Such companies do have specific product development needs. However, the fear that the development process will be out of their control and the feeling that there may be a misunderstanding between the parties, make them shut out even the slightest idea of that kind of cooperation.

Sounds familiar?

We will destroy this hackneyed stereotype. In the series of articles we show how we implement the development processes when remote teams are involved. Once you’ve finished reading the series,  you will see that managing a remote team is not that hard.

We have been working under the custom software for one of our customers (the Rubicon Project) for about 2 years. In spite the fact that we are a custom software company, the project has become an integral part of our work.  Now we know for sure what it takes to create the whole thing, and what it feels like to be a product-owner.

Besides, we work side by side with our web development partners. With such experience, we know exactly what the real service should be. We know how to meet our customers’ needs more efficiently. Geomotiv believes that our team and our client should be on the same page. When we develop a software, we vest all our efforts and expertise in its success.

Agile Movement

In our company we adhere to the principles of Agile methodology. As far as most of our customers are new ventures, Agile turns out to be the best model for them.

It is a well-known fact that startuppers aspire to bring a fresh product or service to the marketplace or they try to offer something that has already been created but in an extremely different manner. In other words, startups are made to invent brand-new successful and profitable products.

However, when it comes to the implementation of the idea, they can expect some crucial changes to be introduced to the product during the development process.  It happens because they never know if the idea works out. 

In its turn, Agile approaches seek alternatives to traditional project management. It makes the development process more flexible and provides visibility for the customers. Thus, Agile helps the team respond to unpredictability through incremental work iterations and immediate feedback. It optimizes the value of the product and makes it competitive on the marketplace.

That is why we stick to Agile. This methodology helps companies build the right product and preserve its critical market relevance.

How Do We Provide Visibility?

Being a remote team means keeping transparent 24/7. Our customers should know who we are. They should feel free to rely on us in any situation. This is our major concern. We keep in touch through frequent skype calls, chats, video conferences and regular reports.

Being a remote team means keeping transparent 24/7.

The customers can get feedback about the project any time they need it. They have access to the system. They communicate with the team on the regular basis. Together they solve urgent issues, review progress and invent new features together. Everybody at Geomotiv has a perfect command of English under their belt. So, we will be on the same page.

After negotiations with the client we send a follow-up with the summary of the meeting. Call recording helps to prevent misinterpretation and gives clear pictures of the client’s requirements.

Besides daily communication with the client, our team also sends weekly reports to the customer. These reports provide the information about the project status, timescales, and progress review.  

By the end of each iteration, our team provides a demo and submit a build for further consideration and explicit feedback.



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