How to Hire Software Developers: Top Tactics That Work


Olga Demidenko , Author at Geomotiv
Published: Jul 8, 2022

It is hard to underestimate the effects of a long and convoluted hiring process for software developers on the overall company’s success. Tight competition in the market, scarcity of local talent with relevant skills, and increasing costs of sourcing and recruiting make businesses act as fast as they can to hire a developer.  

However, the risks of lost opportunities and poor hiring decisions increase if you go through this alone. A reliable tech expert by your side is needed to avoid risks of this kind, avoid restrictions, and remove worries from the minds of entrepreneurs.

Unlike IT staffing agencies, Geomotiv doesn't treat finding and hiring employees as a hunt for the best minds. Our team has already formed a pool of proven candidates and honed their skills to work with them to perfection. The article explains the processes behind hiring a dedicated software development team with our company.

Define your project requirements

To find a great developer, you must be clear about who you are searching for. Do you need to hire a front-end or a back-end developer? Does the candidate need to have specific skills?

You need to determine the requirements and outcomes of the project to answer these questions and gain a perfect match with dedicated developers. Our team can help you with that part and define the most suitable tech stack for your needs.

We can accumulate in-depth knowledge of the project based on a thorough investigation of project objectives. Unlike traditional staffing agencies, we remain by your side when it is unclear which programming language is necessary to complete the project or which team composition is the most optimal to meet technical demands.

Choose the right tech stack

Our experts will help you define the most suitable tech stack and lay the groundwork for your future candidate search. After evaluating your company goals, we determine the required tech and soft skills, qualifications, and proficiency level for the project and figure out how each developer can help you implement it.

Sourcing requirementsGetting an in-depth understanding of the projecDetermining the tech toolsUnderstanding the types of developers you need

As a company that leverages the latest technology trends and adopts emerging technologies, Geomotiv can provide any technical stack and adapt it to project needs. Our experts include skilled Java, Node.js, proficient Angular and React developers, and other A-class developers for hire from our wide pool of pre-vetted candidates.

Our team is proficient in the most widespread technologies that power modern software development:

  • Java. Java is a mature programming language that remains relevant despite being 26 years old. It plays an important role in the development of web and mobile applications as well as Enterprise apps and embedded systems. Besides, Java contributes to developing innovative solutions, including IoT, AI, and blockchain-based projects, alongside Big Data and cloud-based applications.
    A wide spectrum of applications is built on top of Java, which maintains a high demand for Java developers. The job market for these technology specialists is large due to the overall popularity of this programming language. However, the chances of a bad hire can also increase as hiring developers with relevant expertise in a particular field is hard.
    We strongly recommend using a specific hiring process to gain a perfect match for the project’s requirements. In one of our articles, we’ve already described how to prepare for candidate search, selection, and interviewing. Read on to find out how to hire developers with relevant expertise and qualifications.
  • Node.js. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that contains a Web API to create code. Rather than being a programming language or a library, this technology provides a unified stack for fast prototyping and quick and easy development and maintenance. 
    Geomotiv’s developers use Node.js to create almost any software, including scalable server-side web apps, real-time chatbots, SPAs, and microservices-based solutions. Our team knows how to capture the most relevant Node.js capabilities and turn them into instruments for efficient software delivery.
    Geomotiv follows a mature hiring and onboarding process and knows how to overcome typical challenges and pitfalls of hiring software developers for Node.js-based projects. Follow this comprehensive guide to learn more about the nuances of hiring and be better prepared for the next candidate search and shortlisting.
  • Angular. Angular is a full-fledged web and mobile development framework that was brought to life by Google in 2016. Since then, it has acquired immense popularity among developers and successful companies. It is built around JavaScript capabilities and offers plenty of tools and libraries to start the development process without delay.
    As a large and established framework, Angular requires developers to get acquainted with all the aspects of its environment. Our vast experience with the front-end part of development enables us to provide the most mature Angular developers for projects of any complexity. By the way, we can also provide access to an extensive pool of Angular developers of any seniority level.
  • React. Unlike Angular, React has a lower entry threshold for less proficient developers. It features extensive support from its vast community of contributors and well-written documentation for most cases. Besides, technology giants like Instagram and Facebook use React in their robust tech stacks, which is another factor that favors its popularity.
    React has diverse application spheres, from eCommerce stores to Enterprise-level social media applications. Moreover, thanks to the popularity of React, customers expect a lot from front-end developers.

Therefore, when hiring software developers, you need to check their technical skills and previous experience to meet essential duties and perform result-oriented activities.

Explore how to choose between staffing agencies, freelance developers, hiring marketplaces, and outsourcing companies.

Read an easy guide

Once you’ve determined the required tech stack components to meet business demands, another important decision is to make. We discuss choosing the right tech role when hiring software developers and other specialists.

Depending on the role in a project, you can hire:

  • Front-end developers. The role involves building the user-facing part of the software solution to ensure its usability and user-friendliness. When you hire dedicated developers with Geomotiv, you can expect them to be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, alongside the previously mentioned Angular or React frameworks.
  • Back-end developers deal with the server-side of the software, focusing on business logic implementation, database management, caching systems, and security. Back-end developers take care of all processes that remain intact for end-users, including sending and receiving data, communicating with the front-end part, and rendering the data as a regular web page.
    Depending on the project’s objectives, you can choose between Java, PHP, Node.js developers, and other back-end specialties to enable the right functioning of the entire software solution.
  • Mobile developers specialize in delivering mobile versions of the software, full-fledged cross-platform and native applications, and innovative features in existing apps. Mobile developers use JavaScript, Python, C#, Swift, and Kotlin to create user-friendly apps that can be accessed on any device.
  • Cloud specialists. A primary role of a cloud specialist is to build and maintain cloud infrastructure and deal with cloud systems, automation, and virtualization tools. An employee’s competence should include a thorough knowledge of cloud service providers (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure), Cloud storage solutions (e.g., S3 or Data lakes), and a mix of cross-disciplinary skills in software development.
  • QA engineers ensure that the developed software meets the requirements and is ready to be presented to end-users. Their work is geared towards detecting defects before they reach the production stage. As an essential part of software development, Quality assurance aims to keep the costs down and ensure ultimate efficiency. Read more about why QA engineers shouldn’t be underestimated as well in this article.
  • Data scientists specialize in developing software solutions that can analyze, collect, store, and process large volumes of data. They use Python, Scala, R, SQL, and Julia to create predictive models with data.
  • DevOps engineers remove boundaries between development and operations through the extensive use of automation and constant monitoring of the production environment.
  • Tech lead. In this role, a specialist guides the development team and facilitates the proper workflow that leads to quality outputs.
  • Business analysts translate business needs into functional and technical requirements to be further used by the development team. It is a hybrid role that acts as an intermediary between the business and the tech sides of the project. Find out more details about the place of business analysis in projects in this article.
Business Analyst Role

When you hire developers online or through a partner network, you’ll notice that the above-mentioned specialists can have different experience levels. The common practice is to differentiate between the three types of developers:

Junior developers have a general understanding of basic programming languages and frameworks to write the code that would produce the desired results. It is an entry-level position for a specialist who requires constant supervision from senior developers.Middle developers have the required skills and experience to work autonomously from the rest of the team. They can write understandable and efficient code on their own and handle tasks of a more complex nature than their Junior counterparts.Senior developers have from 5 to 9 years of professional experience in projects of any specificity and complexity. When you hire dedicated developers of that caliber, you can expect them to grasp the full scope of the project and delegate prioritized tasks in the right manner.

Check the experience of candidates

Once you clarify the required skill sets, tech stacks, and seniority level of developers, it is time to find the right individuals that would meet all requirements. Geomotiv follows a rigorous approach to candidate selection and screening to ensure that they are the best fit for your project.

  1. Sourcing. We leverage an extensive network to detect potential candidates, evaluate their skills and qualifications, and set up efficient communication with them. Our HR specialists manage a wide pool of pre-screened candidates that are ready to work with new projects. It includes already formed base of candidates, new resources coming from a network of personal connections, and candidates coming from job boards, social media sites, and other relevant sources.
  2. Vetting. We apply tried-and-true methods of efficient candidate vetting. Our specialists investigate each individual candidate before moving on to further recruiting stages. The vetting process at Geomotiv includes:
    - checking the candidate’s educational background;
    - confirmation details about past working experience;
    - studying references from previous clients;
    - checking relevant industry or niche experience;
    - assessing experience in Agile technologies;
    - evaluating the candidate’s compatibility with the client’s corporate culture;
    - finding qualities as defined by the client’s individual preferences.
    Our HR managers conduct multiple interview rounds to check the candidate’s soft skills. We expect the candidates to have the following skills: excellent problem-solving, flexibility, creativity, knowledge of business processes, time management skills, self-learning skills, critical thinking abilities.
    Additionally, we focus on other crucial factors before we are ready to start the matching process. Here’s what we investigate as well:
    - English proficiency;
    - readiness to work in the client’s time zone;
    - salary expectations;
    - terms of start, etc.
    Next, we verify the candidate’s hard skills to ensure they are the right fit for the project. For that, we prepare individual test tasks, list technical questions, and prepare live coding tests that are relevant for each open position. Our team invests their efforts in making each interview session an efficient and time-saving process.
  3. Matching. We present the best candidates tailored to the requirements. We ensure that they have the right skills, attitude for the project, and personality type to fit well with your company’s internal workforce.
  4. Onboarding. The final stage in our hiring process includes the integration of a new employee into the company. Our ultimate goal is to make newcomers feel as comfortable and welcome as the client’s on-site staff. For that, Geomotiv provides a well-structured onboarding program, which includes all the relevant resources and procedures to jump-start a mutually beneficial working relationship.
    One of our core values is to foster a culture of trust, especially in remote settings. We know how to hire remote developers and find a way to formalize processes and lay out expectations for new employees so that they feel like an integral part of the development team.

Establish a reliable relationship and build trust

Our collaboration doesn’t end with candidate selection and onboarding as we take care of all organizational aspects. We handle all the paperwork associated with hiring and managing new employees. Our team resolves all issues with recruitment, payroll, taxes, sick days, benefits, and other legal documents.

Aside from removing the organizational load from our client’s shoulders, we establish an efficient collaboration through:

  • daily reporting with project details;
  • readiness to work in your timezone;
  • full visibility into the processes using reporting tools such as Jira, Confluence, Trello, etc.

Then, contact Geomotiv to leverage a planetary reach of the most proficient developers. Reach out to us to gain access to the most relevant candidates.

Our approach to hiring a team of developers

When businesses depend on creating teams of skilled and highly talented individuals, it is important to bring the talent on board as fast as possible. With a trusted tech partner by your side, you will be able to eliminate delays in the hiring process and avoid negative consequences for future growth. 

However, it is equally important to source and choose the right talent that will be the perfect match to the project’s objectives, technical requirements, and other business demands. By working with a reliable software development company, you will be able to avoid the limitations of traditional staffing agencies or similar services.

We differ from other staffing options in the following ways:

  • Profound knowledge of your project.
    With an extensive technical background, we can identify the required tech skills with utmost precision. Unlike staffing agencies, we specialize in sourcing and hiring technical talent based on the exact project requirements.
  • Proven recruitment processes.
    We conduct a thorough technical screening of relevant candidates using our internal development expertise. Besides, our team employs different interviewing tactics, including online group interviews with the team.
  • 0% recruitment fees.
    We don’t expect our clients to cover recruitment efforts or charge additional fees for sourcing and hiring developers.
  • Results-oriented approach.
    Our HR team is motivated to find and recruit the best candidates to meet stringent time constraints. Unlike staffing agencies, we rely on an extensive network of personal connections that is already nurtured and built around the client’s goals.
  • All HR activities in one place.
    We are dedicated to resolving issues with employee well-being, retention, and professional development. Our clients don’t have to worry about the quality of work as we conduct regular performance reviews, health monitoring check-ins, and other HR-related activities.

Final word

In this article, we explored the topic of how to hire a team of developers with Geomotiv. Whether you have a hard time exploring the diverse ecosystem of technologies, want to avoid recruiting hassles, or remove the administrative burden from internal staff, our company can help.

With us, you will be able to hire software developers online from anywhere in the world and tap into rare or specialized expertise for specific project needs. If you have any questions about our service or want to learn more about our experience with remote talent sourcing and recruiting, feel free to get in touch with our team.



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