Web Development Tech Stacks to Master in 2021-2022: Common Practices


Olga Demidenko , Author at Geomotiv
Published: Apr 24, 2020

Twenty years ago, web tech stacks were simple. You were to opt for some open-source software and show extreme motivation and dedication to complete the goal. Since then, a lot has changed. Numerous modern tech tools power the web development process. We’ve covered their ecosystem in the first part of the series on modern web development tech stacks. 

Now, let’s turn to the practical side. Today, we’ll talk about the things that decision-makers have to consider choosing a tech stack. We reveal web technologies used by Geomotiv in our projects. And finally, we also share tech stack examples from some of the biggest world leaders.

How to Choose Proper Tech Stacks

Now you have the general idea of what web app development consists of, so you need to keep up with the guidelines for making the right choice for your project.

To filter your options, decide on the type of project you want to develop a solution for. They can be simple, mid-level, and complex. Here the examples of each project type and the most suitable tech stacks for them.

Simple Projects:

  • MVPs
  • Landing pages
  • Simple online stores
  • Simple web apps.

Which Technology to Use?

  1. Consider Python/Django to create apps that perform. The Python/Django stack allows rapid prototyping at the RoR level. Comparing both frameworks in terms of performance, Python/Django is stronger than Ruby on Rails. Still, it won’t beat PHP.
  2. Opt for Node.js, MERN/MEAN tech stacks to balance costs. They allow saving on staffing expenses since one developer can code for both back- and front-end parts. In terms of performance, the stacks are suitable for writing applications with simple business logic. Also, it is ideal for a large number of simultaneously open connections - as in chats, an online game server, or remote communication media. In other cases, the stacks will show a PHP-level performance.

Complex Projects:

  • Social networks
  • Large eCommerce marketplaces
  • Fintech software
  • Global portals.

Which Technology to Use?

  1. Use PHP for an excellent performance. PHP can be easily hosted since there're many hosting services designed for the LAMP stack. Its performance under high load is second-to-none. The fact that WordPress is written in PHP means that it powers the majority of blogs out there. Also, the language is widely adopted by Fortune 500 websites. This is due to its open-source nature and exceptional performance. It is easy to find an experienced PHP developer at affordable rates. There are many specialists proficient in the technology available on the market.
  2. Opt for Java/C# to realize almost any scenario. They provide excellent performance, have a vast number of libraries for any scenario. The presence of tech resources is almost like that of PHP. Java/C# are relevant for projects with high traffic and complex business logic.

Tech Stacks in Use

Some of the mentioned-above web technologies proved to be efficient in the work conducted by Geomotiv. We provided a Dedicated Team for DSP and DMP in recent projects. It was required to improve the existing features and components and roll out new ones in a high-performing environment. Our team also implemented integrations with various third-party services. For the backend part, we used Java and Python. Javascript was used for the front-end. The technologies used in the project made the development fast and efficient. 

We also participated in developing a Media Buying Platform for an integrated marketing solution leader. The backend component went with Java. React.js and JavaScript were used for the front-end part.

The tech stacks that we used in our projects helped achieve the desired results and reached the clients’ goals. However, it doesn’t imply that the same tools will be useful for your particular project. Our goal is to share our experience and showcase web development tools used by Geomotiv.

We also aim to reveal the main web development tools that stand behind well-known web applications. After all, it might be interesting to find out which technical solutions power the ideas, similar to what you are working on right now. We’ve collected the tech stack lists of prominent web applications based on the data provided by StackShare.

Name Core Tech Stack
Uber jQuery, NGINX, Python, Node.js, React, MySQL
Alibaba Bootstrap, Java
Forbes JavaScript, React, Java
Trivago JavaScript, PHP, NGINX, Python, Node.js, Java
Skyscanner JavaScript, Python, Java
Edmodo jQuery, NGINX, Apache HTTP Server, Bootstrap
Soundslice JavaScript, NGINX, Python

The table provides information about the components of tech stacks behind prominent web applications.

Our team of tech-savvy developers are ready to help you.

Wrapping Up

In this series of two blog posts on web development tech stacks, we covered their main aspects that business owners and developers need to consider in 2022. Let’s review. 

Take into account that web development has two faces:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Developers should have considerable knowledge of both of them to deploy successful software products. It is essential to follow the trends of web development and stay up to date with them. However, to know the most demanded technologies is only half of the success.

Note that you aim to find the most suitable solution, the one that meets your requirements, like project size and complexity. Make sure the chosen technology stack fits for your particular tasks and application domain and helps to deliver the necessary functionality.

Consider what tools have been used in some of the most successful projects. With this in mind, you will navigate through a sea of options more confidently.



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