Geomotiv at IT Sales Meetup


Nikita Buinitsky , Author, Geomotiv
Published: Dec 10, 2019

Minsk is becoming ever more popular for idea sharing events. Tamuna Basaria, Geomotiv’s Head of Business Development, has recently visited the IT Sales Meetup, a well-known sales and business event, where she made a comprehensive presentation on customer profiling. We asked her to tell us a few words about her impressions. Here are the most exciting things we’ve collected from our brief conversation.

So, Tamuna, would you tell us a few words about the meetup? How did it go? What was your general impression?

It was great! I enjoyed the event and I would definitely attend another one of this kind whenever I have a chance. First of all, there were a lot of people from the IT sphere there, mostly related to sales and business development. We discussed the clients’ needs and sensitive issues and expanded our contacts. Such meetups are always useful for business people both personally and professionally. We had a good chance to share our experiences, which made a fair contribution to our self-development. I liked it.

The topic of your presentation was related to customer profiling and sales department efficiency. Why did you choose it in the first place?

It was more about how we created our customer profiles and how it improved our sales department’s efficiency. That topic is quite sensitive for business devs, and especially those engaged in outbound sales. Understanding one’s target audience is essential for every company. Nonetheless, a lot of sales managers don’t know their clients well enough and, as a result, are working worse than they possibly could. Well, that’s not right. So, I tried to help out those other companies in a way. It was interesting as we’d already learnt to cut the ropes the hard way ourselves, and now we can share our experiences with others.

What were the most remarkable things about the event in your opinion?

Most of all I liked how the event was managed. Everything was clear and there were no organizational issues. I also liked the other speaker’s presentation on how to get developers ready for an interview. Her message sounded rather astute to me. Moreover, I think we can apply her experience and cases to our own work. So on the whole, the meeting was extremely useful and I believe we would all benefit if we had more of such events in the future.

Have you ever made a presentation at a similar event before?

I used to speak at a number of academic and educational conferences in the past, but it was my first true sales business meetup. I can say it differed a bit, but the events did also have a lot in common.

Thank you for your answers, Tamuna! And the last question, what would your feedback be regarding the meetup? What would you like to see changed or added?

Everything was just great! I would definitely love to visit another such meetup. As I said, it’s a good chance to exchange experience and then apply one’s new knowledge in real life. It’s useful to be aware of various scenarios other sales managers have faced. They pass on ideas regarding how to address similar challenges. And this is what’s most valuable for every sales manager.



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