Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky, CEO of Geomotiv, Breaks New Ground in Digital Sphere


Olga Demidenko , Author at Geomotiv
Published: Aug 3, 2020

Geomotiv is a top-notch software development company founded in 2010. The company holds a team of specialists experienced in a wide range of up-to-date technologies. We create innovative solutions for EdTech, Healthcare, AdTech, OTT TV, Big Data processing, etc. These solutions has brought Geomotiv numerous clients and global recognition as a reliable partner. Geomotiv's team works with small and large scale industry leaders. Among them are Rubicon Project, Pluto TV, MediaMath, Savveo, and a few others. We have over ten years of market experience and eight years of per-person professional experience. What's more, Geomotiv, with 95% clientele retention, holds more than 450,000 hours of project development expertise. 

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The GoodFirms had the opportunity to have a talk with the CEO of Geomotiv, Sergey Lobko-Lobanovsky. Below you will learn about the company's upcoming plans.

About the CEO

As the CEO of Geomotiv, Sergey is responsible for strategic planning and advancement in general. He started the interview with the statement - "I like expanding boundaries". And it sounds like a real motto to his professional life. Company achievements prove this point as well. Sergey has managed to transform a group of technology experts into energetic consultants focused on presenting client business values. The development of the customized software and solving specific problems of the clients motivated them to start Geomotiv in the first place. Sergey also cites that experience allows him to take a different approach to emerge markets than a more established market. 

Geomotiv Business Model

Geomotiv strives to employ a perfect blend of in-house resources and clients's individual demands. This is done to give the clients the best possible solutions and quality. The team spends hours building the scopes to assure that they can form a "backbone" for the successful delivery of the services, helping clients unlock data value, flexible infrastructure, and innovation. 

Сustomer Service

At Geomotiv, we convert the clients' ideas into innovations that add value to their businesses. The expert group becomes the clients' strategic partner. It's ready to handle any task from market research to product deployment and maintenance. Our BAs, QAs, and software engineers are available to help clients get their product idea through to the market. The team amplifies decision-making with extensive statistical analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, research-based supervision, and risk evaluation. BAs help to classify the right features and core software functionality. 

Moreover, the group of expert developers procures ongoing demands from the agile project backlog. Geomotiv's team follows the process that has different steps:

  1. The product owner arranges the backlog as a prioritized list. The more unique the item is, the sooner it is to be published.
  2. Our cross-functional team then chooses features from the top of the backlog for executing it in the current sprint. 
  3. In product development, the team applies a mix of proven practices. It includes prioritized product backlogging, rapid prototyping, documentation testing, iterative and incremental expansion, TDD, advanced programming, and modern SQA techniques for fast and efficient ongoing product delivery. 

Thus, with such an experienced team, Geomotiv taps into the list of the top software development companies at GoodFirms.

Big Data Services

Apart from software development services, our team provides the best quality Big Data services. Organizations are using more and more information to make balanced decisions to beat their opponents. Processing massive amounts of data need great technological solutions. And that's precisely where Geomotiv experts step in to the rescue. Be it a small application or a sizeable platform-level project; the team does their best to employ cutting-edge Big Data processing tools and produce a solution that fits the client's specific business.

The services provided by Geomotiv are:

  • architecture strategy & design
  • end-to-end data lake implementation
  • Big Data consultancy
  • data mining
  • data aggregation & visualization
  • Big Data optimization
  • data migration & maintenance
  • cloud-based Big Data analytics

Geomotiv's Team

The major part of our engineers are senior-level specialists with explicit knowledge of the industry. Their vast professional experience is a store of skills indispensable for any flourishing project. Thus, drawing on decades of the developers' expertise, Geomotiv has created an efficient development process. This process has helped us to burgeon amongst the top Big Data companies.

Customers' Opinions

The reviews displayed below are confirming the quality of Big Data services offered at Geomotiv.

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