Adoppler at NAB Show 2019


Olga Demidenko
Author, Geomotiv
Published: Apr 6, 2019

Meet, partner, transform! The team behind Geomotiv is going to participate in NAB Show 2019. This awesome event gathers such corporate innovators as Google, Samsung, Hearst and other great companies.

Our product subsidiary Adoppler has been selected to join the SPROCKIT Hub. It's one of the hottest destinations at NAB Show with key media influencers stopping by.

We Will Share Our Story of Success

Initially tasked with developing programmatic software for media agencies, premium publishers, and addressable TV, Adoppler went further than that. It grew into a Trusted Marketplace, a long-awaited solution to opaque and convoluted AdTech industry.
Jointly, Adoppler and Geomotiv will transform your TV and digital media business with the help of a trusted programmatic platform and bespoke engineering services!

Adoppler Proved Its Readiness to Go BIG

Now, Adoppler Trusted Marketplace is getting a warm welcome from SPROCKIT, a global community. It invites industry leaders and market-ready emerging companies to collaborate and bring together innovation to the market.

Exclusive Opportunity to Stand Out

SPROCKIT gives a remarkable opportunity to pitch Adoppler. We are ready to highlight our outstanding potential to bring together media buyers and sellers in one safe and transparent environment.

Let’s Meet and Talk!

Visit Adoppler at NAB Show in April 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas. Destination: North Hall’s Innovation Pipeline, Booth 3336SP-A. SPROCKIT Hub will occupy a HUGE 100 square foot destination. We are proud to be a part of such event!



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