Common Scenario

Each team member is interviewed and approved by your Team Lead. You manage the team directly as if it were your own team. 

  • Talent pool

    At the moment Geomotiv has access to the talent pool in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and can provide you with qualified specialists at a competitive price.

  • Expenses on our side

    We take care of all recruitment costs associated with the search, selection and recruitment, as well as the costs of managing and organizing people.

  • Approach

    IT teams usually fall into 2 main groups:

    1. Those who do all development in-house.

    2. Those who completely outsource it to the third parties

    You may have learned from your experience that neither way is best. So have we, but we know how  to combine both approaches effectively.

  • Working process

    Workflow is the same as if it is your team. Developers get tasks, discuss them with the team lead, implement and test them, then send the review and obtain the review comments to make changes.


  • Reduced expenses

    Reduced search, selection and recruitment expenses without staff management expenses.

  • High team growth

    Team growth is possible in shorter timeframes compared to the local market.

  • Minimized management risks

    Minimized management risks, as you are up-to-date with project status on a regular basis.

  • High work quality

    High work quality and effectiveness, meeting standards and deadlines.

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