• In addition to taking into consideration different screen sizes, operating systems, browsers and etc. there are so many changes in IT-field that a front- end developer should know to stay on top of!

  • Software as a service (or SaaS) is an increasingly popular method of application delivery over the Internet – as a service.Instead of installing and maintaining software, you can just access it via the Internet and make yourself free from complex software and hardware management.

  • Creating a beautiful, functional website is more than just the design; it’s even more than the styling of the site. There is more to it than that.Our full stack developers really do stack up and even then some - they can handle everything.


Working on solutions

Web development is the creation of applications and scripts for web resources. 

Web application is a powerful, efficient and innovative instrument for doing successful business. This is what an experienced manager needs: a set of unique tools and instant reports, presentation and estimation of the entire company and employees personally – all of this is provided with PC or any other Internet-connected devices (laptops, tablet PC, mobile phones).

Web apps allow to skip buying powerful computers, maintenance of which demands custom web development and well-organized IT-infrastructure. Internet access is everything that you need for work.You can manage your company while relaxing by the ocean.


Our approach

  • HRIS, WagenControl


  • What does front-end development stand for?

    Front-end development is all about the look and design, time and feature loading of your site across devices, platforms and browsers.At first glance, your website seems to be perfect on your computer screen in your default browser, but what if someone opens it using another browser or device and things don’t work?They might have no idea how your website was supposed to look like. It would be unacceptable considering all efforts that had been invested into its development.This is only one of hundreds reasons why front-end development is an integral part of any web project.

  • SAAS for any setting

    Geomotiv understands SaaS and can help you to create new ways of thinking that SaaS and cloud computing can introduce to your organization.Whether you are interested in a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, our technical experts will guide you to the right solution that fits both your needs and your budget.

  • When back-end knocks on the door

    The back-end system may consist of information processing and features analysis, databases, content management systems and many other parts that are critical.  For example,external systems communication is an essential part of health applications. 

    To create an efficient and, mostly important, secure server system, developers must be extremely tech-savvy and crazy with new technologies.

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