• Using best practices in iOS and Android development such as business analysis and implementation, we employ mobile technology that will make your app successful in today’s mobile marketplace.

  • Smartphones. Tablets. We provide clients with access to full-service Android development teams. Geomotiv is a place where we connect UI/UX design and programming to create stunning mobile apps.

  • We specialize in cross-platform mobile apps. But, imagine building one app that can run on multiple devices at once. It can be tricky, but with one budget and one solution we can take you further and faster.


Working on solutions

Mobile architecture that suits your needs now and  will fit you in the future

When you’re developing a business application, selecting the right platform and technologies is a magic bullet for  your mobile application. Do you want to develop the app for iPhone or Android? Both?Firstly one, then another one? Do you have plans to add additional features to your app in the future? It’s best to take all the factors into consideration before delving into development. Our team of experts can help you to formulate the structure and the strategy for continuous success of your app in the marketplace.

Working for companies of all sizes, our staff obtained a great business experience in a wide range of industries.We always generate ideas and make suggestions in order to help our clients in achieving their business goals.

Our approach

  • ShotTracker & GlassExpert



  • What we hold

    GPS-based Apps
    Enterprise & Business Productivity Apps
    Adtech Service Apps
    Fintech Apps
    Augmented Reality Apps
    Entertainment and Music Apps
    Subscription Based Apps, and many more

    Face the facts:
    When the light turns green and we make up an innovation roadmap together, it brings you at the brand new place, does not return you to the beaten path.

    We are the experienced navigators of these roads and we use these skills to explore unchartered territory.

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