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Why Big Data is a Must-Have

So, what is Big Data, the thing everyone is talking about for a number of years already? It may be a buzzword, but not many people really know what it is. Let’s start from the beginning and clarify its definition. What is Big Data at all? Big data is a kit of technologies, methods, and […]

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Apache Kafka: a Reliable Instrument for Big Data Specialists

Companies that deal with Big Data constantly require scalable instruments that can work on multiple cases simultaneously. In this respect, a distributed data ecosystem that has a high level of data consistency turns out to be a reliable tool for accurate data processing and analysis. It is also important for such an ecosystem to deliver […]

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Docker on Real-World Examples

What is a software container? As its glass fellow, it stores things. In our case, it stores code, libraries, configuration files, etc. Containers are safe and scalable, when talking about software development, and quite easy to use. To work with it properly, for example to develop and launch applications with it, one will require special […]

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