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Top Big Data Trends to Affect Your Business in 2020

The global Big data market is growing year by year. Data-driven decisions have become common for numerous industries around the world. In fact, 97.2 percent of companies invest in Big data projects. The reasons are clear: it helps to understand and anticipate customer needs, scan the hottest trends in social media, analyze all kinds of […]

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Most-Used Programming Languages to Power Big Data and Data Science

Nowadays, use cases of Big data are numerous. Some of them deal with heavy data analysis while others employ predictive models or handle data streams, etc. Each case requires a certain set of features that data scientists are eager to implement. Sounds simple, yet there is a trap. The sheer variety of Big data tools […]

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Introduction to Apache Spark

Emerging as a next-gen engine for companies that actively use massive data sets in their projects, the Spark framework is in great demand now. What is Spark framework? The Spark framework is an open-code general-purpose computational engine that is ready to process vast data loads at a high speed. Spark’s high-level tools contribute to delivering […]

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Apache Kafka: a reliable instrument for big data specialists

Companies that deal with Big Data constantly require scalable instruments that can work on multiple cases simultaneously. In this respect, a distributed data ecosystem that has a high level of data consistency turns out to be a reliable tool for accurate data processing and analysis. It is also important for such an ecosystem to deliver […]

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Why Big Data is a must-have

So, what is Big Data, the thing everyone is talking about for a number of years already? It may be a buzzword, but not many people really know what it is. Let’s start from the beginning and clarify its definition. What is Big Data at all? Big data is a kit of technologies, methods, and […]

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