Why Big Data is a must-have

So, what is Big Data, the thing everyone is talking about for a number of years already? It may be a buzzword, but not many people really know what it is. Let’s start from the beginning and clarify its definition. What is Big Data at all? Big data is a kit of technologies, methods, and […]

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Docker on real-world examples

What is a software container? As its glass fellow, it stores things. In our case, it stores code, libraries, configuration files, etc. Containers are safe and scalable, when talking about software development, and quite easy to use. To work with it properly, for example to develop and launch applications with it, one will require special […]

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Geomotiv Named a Top Developer in Belarus

We are thrilled to share that we have been listed among the top software developers in Belarus 2 years in a row! This list is curated and maintained by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps businesses buy and hire smarter. After conducting an in depth market research and client interviews, Clutch named […]

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Geomotiv is a Company You Can Trust

Intellectual property in IT sphere aims to promote an environment in which blending mix of innovation and creativity can flourish. Still thousands of companies consider hiring a remote team as infringement of their intellectual property. They think remote teams may steal their ideas, data, code, or even the entire products. At Geomotiv, we respect our […]

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The Development Process at Geomotiv

We split the development process into equal cycles called iterations. Each Iteration lasts from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the project’s requirements. The iterations includes certain scope of functionality accomplished through the development, testing, bug fixing, design and deployment. Thanks to Agile principles, the clients are more likely to get releases early at hand, which […]

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Understanding The Needs Of Our Clients

We have been working for one of our customers – The Rubicon Project, – for more than 3 years. In spite the fact that we are a custom software company, the project has become an integral part of our work.  Now we know for sure what it takes to create the whole thing, and […]

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Geomotiv Enters the Top Developers 2016

This December, Clutch published a list on 2016 Top Enterprise Software Development Firms , Top IoT Developers, Top Eastern Europe Software & Web Developers, introducing technological companies with the focus on enterprise software development as their core business activity. On the threshold of Christmas holidays, Geomotiv team was lucky to get listed as a custom […]

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TV media buying market

Internet ad tech companies have been anxious to bring their products to the TV media buying market. Specifically, they are interested in entering the linear (non-addressable) TV segment that comprises the largest market niche in the US and worldwide. This trend poses significant threats to the TV media selling industry and TV companies in particular. […]

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How to Get More Revenue From A UGC Business

Introduction The advent of user-generated content (UGC) has marked a new era in the growth hacking techniques used by companies to increase their user base. Everybody knows YouTube and Reddit, recently acquired Twitch as well as emerging Coub. With the common adoption of the ‘Like’ (Follow), ‘Share’ (Recommend), ‘@Mention’ and the notorious ‘Comment’ social actions, […]

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