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Geomotiv Named a Top Developer in Belarus

We are thrilled to share that we have been listed among the top software developers in Belarus 2 years in a row! This list is curated and maintained by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps businesses buy and hire smarter. After conducting an in depth market research and client interviews, Clutch named Geomotiv a top software developer, ahead of dozens of other leading developers in Belarus.

Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest, also featured us as one of the top 20 software development companies in Belarus. The Manifest is a resource to help teams identify and solve their business challenges by recommending the best solutions and solution providers. We were recognized for our quality as developers as well as for a notable project that we completed for an advertising company.

We are excited about our recognition from industry analysts, but we are even more excited by the feedback that we have received from our clients. Our number one priority is building meaningful relationships with our clients through our quality software development, and our clients see that. It’s a great pleasure to receive comments like these:

“They have high quality people who are good at problem solving”

“They interact with the team and adapt to our team’s culture very well”

We are proud of the relationships that we have built with our clients, as we help them achieve their goals they empower us to achieve ours and we cannot thank them enough for it. Check out our Clutch profile to read more of what our clients are saying about us.

For Geomotiv as well as for other companies Clutch gives a chance to spread its products and services within the industry, in this regard we are happy to enter a new stage in the business – the development of our own product Adoppler, an innovative solution for media buyers and sellers. For more information visit

We’ve got a head start working with Clutch several years ago. Since that time we have been actively exploring business opportunities and find new clients through this network. Clutch provides a great ground for companies to foster B2B relationships by building an extensive company profile. The profile includes the general overview and industry focus of the company, its portfolio, and verified reviews from the clients. We believe that reviews are the most valuable part here, as they let us know that we are on the right track.

For companies, the platform is a perfect way to reach its audience and demonstrate its exceptional commitment and expertise by performing the work brilliantly. One can be sure when clients find the company on Clutch, they are serious about taking the next step for collaboration. What is more, it publishes reports, press releases and news on a regular basis, so everyone can always stay informed with the latest industry updates. This platform is definitely worth attention!

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