Smart Medical Assistant in Your Pocket

Case Study


R&D in NLP and Machine learning field;

Code refactoring;

Functionalities improvement;

Components decoupling;

QA Testing.

Project Description

For more than 7 years the company has been doing researches in the medical field to improve patients’ health, prevent wrongful diagnoses and medication, decrease human errors, and ramp health services up. They came up with the idea to develop a medical concierge chat bot care that on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning knowledge will assist providers in medical consulting, improve outcomes, and reduce operational costs and personnel expenditures.

The application is based on the interaction between patient and chat bot. Such doctor-patient interaction will provide a patient with personalized responses to simple medical questions when the doctor or the nurse are not available.

The main challenges were to orchestrate the application based on Big Data processing, to make a chat bot learn everyday more and more medical information, to train Artificial Intelligence in human-level decision-making and etc.

  • Timeframe and Workload:

    The project has a great potential in promoting effective solutions that work well across multiple medical domains. Technologies move towards more accurate and personalized medicine. And such a patient-centered app is the best possible example.

    Duration: 5-6 months

    Team: 6 members

  • The Product Team Members:

    3 Developers, Data Scientist, Product Manager, Product Owner

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