Scheduler API

Case Study

Business Objectives

• Automotize setup processes by reducing manual setup efforts

• Increase performance through accurate scheduling across hundreds of ad campaigns (targeting, pacing, etc.)

• Reduce human errors and time ill-spent

• Increase marketing ROI

Project Description

  • Background

    MediaMath is the leading programmatic company for marketers, with more than 700 employees in 16 offices all over the world. Thanks to their outstanding services and solutions for real-time media buying, the company has acquired a solid reputation in the eyes of brands and media agencies globally. Our Custom Solutions business unit, based in the UK, started collaborating with MediaMath in January 2018. During the period of collaboration, our team had already completed several projects that were all successfully approved by the client.
  • Objective

    The Geomotiv team continuously develops custom solutions, improves and rolls out new features and components and makes platform integrations necessary for seamless interaction between technologies. After the initial business analysis phase, the team initiates the development process, which includes planning, sprints, retrospective and demo. Geomotiv’s dedicated team works closely with the MediaMath core team. The standard team from our side for a typical project consists of four people: two senior developers and two Q&A specialists. However, everything depends on the scope of work and timing.
  • Goal

    To create a REST API that enables scheduling changes within campaigns, strategies and target dimensions.
    The app is designed to enable a strategically more efficient work flow, solve campaign changes that are too unpredictable for a trader to detect and reduce overhead in scoping and executing on client-specific applications.
  • Workload

    Duration:  Short-term project with a team of four members
    Team: Two senior developers and two Q&A specialists

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