RTB Ad Platform for B2B

Case Study


Ad server refactoring;

Bidding server development as a part of DSP built on RTBkit;

DSP related tools setting;

Control Panel reimplementation with the new interface and functionality;

Facebook integration (adding a possibility to share programmatic ads between Control Panel and Facebook Ad Account audiences);

CI/ CD administrating.

Project Description

The DSP is deemed to be an integral part of Natify product representing an advertising ecosystem within its business model. It enables advertisers to purchase display ad inventory via RTB exchanges, obtain account and cookie based targeting of advertising and make integrations to key data assets.



  • Issues

    However, over time Natify faced a problem: the number of users increased and DSP turned into a heavy-loaded and non-scalable application. As a result, it has been standing in need of crucial changes and upgrades.

  • Split into microservices

    The customers wanted Geomotiv team to make a microservice-oriented app out of a large monolithic platform, increase performance, improve flexibility and scalability, implement a range of  new features and make the whole system easy to maintain.

  • Time frame and Workload:

    Ongoing project with a team of 8 members: Product Owner, 3 Full Stack Developers, 1 Front End Developer, 1 Back End Developer, 2 Testers.

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