Media Buying Platform

Case Study

Business Objectives

•The ability for advertisers and publishers to navigate to the app that is built into the existing dashboard

•The ability for an advertiser to create ad campaigns and send digital advertising proposal requests for ad inventory to a publisher

•The ability for a publisher to consider a proposal request and send its counteroffer back

•The ability for both sides to study campaign details ( general description, time slots, digital media placement details, prices, etc.) and make changes when agreed

•Enable direct communication between advertisers and publishers

•Generate PDF contracts with electronic signature

•Enable account manager to track the deal-making process and campaign details via its personal account

Project Description

The customer is the global leader in integrated marketing solutions. Thanks to its global presence, the company leverages the power of data to identify audiences, personalize ad experiences, optimize media buying processes and maximize revenue for its clients. The customer is well-known for its strong commitment to customer service that’s why Geomotiv team was engaged to help to develop a technical solution for optimization and automation of ad campaign deals and effective media planning. As the customer acts as a “bridge” between advertisers and publishers, Geomotiv team has to ensure seamless contracting between the parties by avoiding time-consuming processes that are mostly done manually (mailing, calling, filling the forms, arranging deals, etc.).

  • Objective

    Our aim was to create a media buying platform that in future will transform into Marketplace with API for managing deals and transactions. It means that advertisers and publishers will have its own dashboard within the platform. Besides that, API can be used by third-party advertisers and publishers, and it can be customized according to their specific business needs.
  • Workload

    Duration:  On-going project with a team of seven members
    Team: Four back-end developers, two front-end developers, two Q&A specialists, one Project Manager

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