Facebook Ads API Integration

Case Study

The challenge

Our customer provides its clients with a robust digital advertising solution. The platform includes campaign planning, ad serving, optimisation, analytics, reports and much more. Their clients would like to be able to track their Facebook ad campaign performance without having to re-create the campaigns in the platform.

Why they chose us

The customer has a large development team of more than 100 specialists that is focused on the core functionality of their platform. It produces the main revenue stream to the customer.

However, our customer’s clients express huge demand for the external ad network integration. Choosing Geomotiv for this project allowed the customer not to risk by focusing the internal team on a secondary task, yet at the same time to meet their clients’ needs and expand their service offering.

How we approached the project

  • Enabling

    During the enablement phase, the project enabler:

    Got to know customers platform from the development perspective;

    Studied FB Ads API documentation & samples;

    Designed the future system as a set of APIs and worker services and created the proof-of-concept;

    Made the final project requirement specification and transitioned the project to the dev team.

  • Prototyping

    During the prototyping phase, the project lead:

    Elaborated the initial system design into actual code;

    Implemented the synchronization mechanics;

    Established development guidelines;

    Assembled the full development team so that the project could be delivered according to the deadlines set by the customer.

  • Incremental Development

    During the development phases, the development team:

    Worked in weekly sprints incrementally delivering project features;

    Provided daily reports to the customer through the Skype during stand-up meetings;

    Delivered weekly builds via continuous integration server TeamCity;

    Ensured high quality standards by employing TDD practices.

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