Entertainment Ad Sales House

Case Study


  • Implementation of ad serving system based on SafeFrame standard;

  • Integration of the SafeFrame based solution with the existing ad server;

  • QA Testing.

Project Description

The customer entrusted Geomotiv’s team to make a flexible banner serving based on SafeFrame 1.1 standard developed by IAB that opens a line of controllable communication between the webpage code and the ad content.

Such communication allows for rich interaction while protecting the publisher’s page from undetected changes that might otherwise damage page integrity.

  • Some key benefits of SafeFrame for the product:

    Reliable and controllable interactive environment between publishers and advertisers;
    Increased value of the inventory;
    Data collection necessary for the analysis of ad effectiveness;
    Ad expansion;
    Clean and safe visitors’ experience.
  • Workload

    Duration: Short-term project with a team of 2 members. 
    Team: Full Stack Developer, QA Tester

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