Big Data Chemistry

Case Study

The Project

The company runs one of the largest real-time cloud and big data computing platform, and collects, processes, and reports on hundreds of billions of transactions each month.


One of customer’s products is an internal service that processes a large amount of data using Hadoop and Apache Spark, and makes the aggregated results available for the reporting module.

Why They Chose Us

  • The chemistry

    It’s always a pain for a technological company to find free resources for products that are the secondary in terms of revenue, yet are vital for upgrading the service the company offers to its clients. One potential path to follow is to leverage a third party developer. When the company is talking to a potential vendor, the most important thing is the chemistry.

  • Geomotiv Big Data team

    Geomotiv Big Data team is passionate about data processing, and has delivered several big data solutions to others prior engaging in this company.

    After the initial talks between the enablement team lead and customer’s technical leadership it turned out that both parties shared the same approach to the problem-solving: the technical chemistry was the same.

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