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Java Team Lead


Our customer is an online video supply-side platform publishing  more than 150,000 sites and serving 4 billion ads per month. Their core business is to built over a range of video distribution and monetization solutions and technologies helping content owners to migrate from old TV broadcast model to online content syndication model.

During our year-long relationship with Hiro Media we’ve assembled a small distributed team of highly skilled developers. Now the challenge is to grow it up and ensure the highest coding standards and practices according to to our internal requirements.


  • Creation of world-class SSP system using Java 1.8;
  • Migration of the existing DSP, synchronization and back office systems to latest Java-based technologies;
  • Employing Amazon AWS managed services – Beanstalk, Redshift, Kinesis;
  • Employing CQRS/Event Sourcing principles;


  • Communicate with customer’s dev team, accept technical challenges and make your own solutions;
  • Re-engineer, optimize and implement platform components;
  • Get experienced in designing and implementing RESTful web services;
  • Take an experience in creating applications according to service-oriented architecture;
  • Jira, git;
  • Obtaint an CQRS/Event Sourcing experience;
  • Gain an experience in integrating third-party services;
  • Improve your English.
Senior Java Developer


Together with our partner we are working on a product aiming to revolutionize TV media buying. It’s not a traditional outsourcing project because the product is completely envisioned, designed, developed, and operated by Geomotiv.

We have successfully delivered version 1.0 of the system which is currently used by a Top-5 media buyers in the US. Currently, the team is working on version 2.0 of the product and needs additional help.


  • A set of REST APIs and a rich interface web application developed with Java and JS;
  • A DMP that talks to various data providers in order to help buyers produce meaningful media plans;

Fact: Linear TV media buying and selling automation is a very hot segment of the advertising industry.


  • Develop a set of third-party data provider integrations to power up automatic media plan generation;
  • Develop relevant REST APIs to be consumed by other product subsystems;
  • Improve the existing code for quality, performance, and scalability;
  • Propose and evaluate technologies that best fit the requirements set by the team lead;
  • Design, develop, and deliver testable code.


  • 5+ years experience with Java;
  • Java 7, Spring IoC, Maven, Hibernate, JPA;
  • Experience in NoSQL;
  • Experience in designing and implementing RESTful web services;
  • Service-oriented architecture;
  • Agile, JIRA, git;
  • Experience in integrating third-party services;
  • JavaScript experience is a plus.

You should strongly consider this position if you have previous experience with product development in start-ups

Senior Full Stack Engineer


Engineering team works on a set of unique and exciting challenges innovating and delivering personalized, Programmatic Direct Mail. We process billions of events, store terabytes of information, and send millions of relevant and meaningful offers from brands consumers love.

We focus on the bulk of our technical efforts in three areas:

  • Our Address Graph uses distributed data and graph processing to create connections between online browsing activity and physical location in a privacy compliant, consumer-centric fashion.
  • Our Mail Decisioning Engine uses machine learning and predictive analytics to determine an ideal recipient for an offer, and manages delivery intelligence for each personalized mailpiece.
  • Our data warehouse delivers real-time insights for brands on campaign effectiveness utilizing first and third-party data.

What You’ll Be Up To:

  • At least 3 years of professional programming experience
  • Familiarity with a UI Javascript framework e.g. React, Angular
  • Expert with SQL and one or more relational databases
  • Strong familiarity with Restful APIs (Java preferred) and frameworks like SpringBoot or DropWizard
  • Enthusiastic about testing: Docker, automation, CI/CD, TDD, unit, functional, and mock frameworks
  • Familiarity with a scripting language ( PHP or Python, or Perl or Ruby )
  • Familiarity with Linux
  • Comprehensive understanding of computer science fundamentals
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Speaking English – intermediate
  • Excellent problem-solving and implementation skills
  • Self-motivated and passionate about bringing new software to market

Would be a plus:

  • Knowledge of software design patterns and techniques.
  • Strong interest in UX
  • Familiarity with UI automation testing tools e.g. Selenium, BrowserStack
  • PCI e-commerce experience
  • Strong familiarity and/or contribution to Open Source projects

Geomotiv provides product development services to its customers by envisioning, designing, and delivering products, not projects.

  • Study the business

    We sit down with the product stakeholders and study the business. We need to understand where the customer is, what they are up to, and what their business constraints are.
  • Technical assessment

    We find out how their business solves its technological challenges now in order to pave the technology road to the next stage.
  • High-Level proposal

    We work with the customer to create a high level proposal that outlines their technological development which will take the business to the next level.
  • Detailed road map

    Once stakeholders agree on the high-level plan, we work with them to lay out the technological road map that identifies which major components will comprise the software solution for the business and how they will contribute to the revenue.
  • Third party services

    Very often the business is about putting together existing services in a new fashion that will create new value for the clients. We study the external services, their specs and APIs, and come up with effective plans on how to leverage them for the business.
  • Putting it all together

    In the end of the day, our customer has a fully fledged technical strategy and tactical plan that can be implemented either in house, with our help, or by a third-party developer of their choice

How we are different?

  • We hire people, not fill roles

    While we do have open positions that represent our customers' needs, we always look for a candidate that not only possesses required technical knowledge, but also can fit nicely into the existing team.
  • We take on challenging projects

    As our focus is on the Internet and TV media marketing technologies, we work on the bleeding edge - Big Data, high availability, scalability, and load. With TV, we're exploring the unknown as there is currently no solution that fits the market needs.
  • We are a highly professional team of seasoned IT specialists

    We don't vacuum-clean the overheated labour market hiring everyone we can reach. Instead, we look for people who can work both independently and as part of the team alongside world-class developers.