At Geomotiv we specialise in full-cycle development

  • At Geomotiv we specialize in full-cycle development of bespoke software solutions for the digital and TV media, enterprise level automation, web and mobile B2C markets, and Internet of Things. The company was founded in 2010.

  • Initially, our main business domain was game development, which gave us a great deal of engagement in working with UX-heaving applications and services, systems working under heavy load and processing Big Data. A couple years later this experience played its key role in our shift to the modern custom software development, which has been our core business ever since.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

  • High Proficiency, Industry Knowledge and Workmanship

    High Proficiency, Industry Knowledge and Workmanship is our unique recipe for success, extracted by consistent specialisation in the niche of custom software development. Throughout the years of work our team has accumulated a wealth of experience in ERP, ad tech, IoT, web and mobile, which makes every single one of our specialists working with us today a carrier of this valuable experience and expertise.
  • Focus on clients ultimate business goals

    Instead of selling working hours and abstract development, we produce solutions to business challenges. We can analyse your challenges not only from the perspective of applicable technology, but also as the integral elements of your business processes and goals. This allows us to discover, develop and implement holistic technological solutions that solve your business challenges.
  • Unique approach to business process and partnership

    From the very outset you get a dedicated specialist-an enabler or a solution architect-who has the right knowledge and expertise to work out and brings to life a technological solution to your business challenges. This same specialist uninterruptedly walks you all the way through the project - from the initial analysis and planning through assembling your development team, iteratively implementing new functionality, and ultimately going live.

Our mission and values

Mission: To build an engineering company that is the best technology partner for the most innovative businesses around the world

  • Strong engineering culture at the heart of the company1
  • Elaborate concepts, prototype and develop complex solutions2
  • Promote high-quality and high-value services3