• Since 2013 Geomotiv has been providing services to one of the most advanced technological segments on the Internet—the RTB (real-time bidding) ecosystem.

  • Companies such as Rubicon Project and Adform have entrusted Geomotiv with becoming their development partners.

  • The company has excelled both at delivering standalone applications that are integrated with our customers’ platforms, and at becoming an integral part of their development teams.


Working on solutions

The applicable blend
of technology, employed
by Geomotiv

When working on solutions to the Internet ad tech industry, Geomotiv examines the technical side from the following angles: Real-time vs batch operations, Cloud vs dedicated deployment, Compliance with standards , Integration with third party systems.

The unique combination of your specific requirements and challenges is what defines the applicable blend of technology, employed by Geomotiv.

Our approach

  • Real-time vs Batch Operations

    Hadoop: Ingesting, storing and processing large amounts of data on a commodity hardware cluster. Solving a wide range of computational problems by employing map/reduce programming model;

    Spark: Implementing data processing and machine-learning algorithms.

  • Cloud vs Dedicated Deployment

    Investigation of Amazon services applicability to a particular technological challenge;

    Making up a migration plan to the Amazon platform – EC2, Elastic BeanStalk, EMR, S3, Redshift, Kinesis;

    Implementation of a Big Data solution using Amazon AWS;

    ROI optimization.

  • Compliance with Standards

    Implementing OpenRTB-compliant SSPs and DSPs;

    VAST support for video ad networks.

  • Integration with Third Party Systems

    Facebook Ads API integration for trading desk apps;

    Google DFA Reporting integration;

    OLAP implementation with Hadoop and MS SQL Server.

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